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Wild blueberry cheesecake ice cream

Fabulous fuss-free homemade ice cream! A friend recently lamented that she had stopped making homemade ice cream due to a newly-diagnosed egg allergy in her family. She was rather skeptical when I told her it was possible to make rich, … Continue reading

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Pasta salad with grilled vegetables, pesto and bocconcini

Tasty summer fare the whole family will love!  I adore pasta, but the mere thought of eating it with piping hot sauce during the middle of summer is enough to make me feel faint. This vegetarian dish was devised to … Continue reading

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Turkey and kale burger

A tasty and nutritious summertime staple! So many people have told me recently that they are trying to reduce or even eliminate their consumption of beef, and I realized that my family’s protein preferences have gradually been shifting as well. … Continue reading

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Strawberries and cream drop scones

Easy, delicious biscuits for breakfast, brunch or teatime! I adore making scones and biscuits but sometimes find I am not in the mood to roll out and cut the dough. Drop scones are a great solution as they are fast … Continue reading

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Salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzels        

Easy and delicious homemade candy! Whether for a party, bake sale or picnic treat, these little bites are sure to be a big hit. Best of all, you can easily find gluten-free pretzels if that’s the crowd you need to … Continue reading

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Maple gelato with salted pecan brittle

A not-too-sweet dessert everyone will love! I was fortunate to enjoy homemade ice cream on a semi-regular basis when was growing up. We had one of those wooden bucket style ice cream makers, to which you added ice cubes and … Continue reading

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Make-ahead potato and pancetta puffs

Fancy ‘tater tots’ the whole family will love! These little beauties were inspired two things: 1) my love of pierogis and 2) a big batch of leftover mashed potatoes. While their taste is evocative of pieriogi filling, they are a … Continue reading

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