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Three cheers for quick pickles!

Fast, flavourful small-batch preserves made in minutes! When I was growing up, my mom had eight hungry people to feed every day, not to mention the frequent guests welcomed into our home. One of her secret weapons was our huge … Continue reading

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Small batch zucchini relish

Make a few tasty jars to capture the flavour of summer! I’ve been making this relish for years and it’s a real family favourite. We enjoy it in the usual places – on burgers, hotdogs and sausages – but also … Continue reading

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Quick pickled cucumbers and red onions with dill flowers

A fast way to add flavour to any meal! I love making quick pickles just a jar or two at a time as I find it’s just such an easy way to capture the flavours of fresh produce at any … Continue reading

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Quick pickled kumquats

Spice up your salads, sandwiches and charcuterie boards! I’ve frequently joked that I’d happily pickle anything in my kitchen that’s not nailed down. Search “pickles” on my website and you’ll see I’m not really kidding. Quick pickles are just so … Continue reading

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Foraged food: Quick pickled Japanese knotweed

Sweet and savoury pickles easy to make and versatile! One of the things I would love to learn more about is safely foraging for food. There are so many wild edibles out there, if only one knows where to look. … Continue reading

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Quick Pickled Turnips, Lebanese-style

A terrific taste sensation from the Middle East Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always considered pickles to be a food group, which is why there are quite a few pickle recipes on this blog. I love … Continue reading

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Marinated Goat Cheese with Pickled Blueberries

Heaven help me….I have a new addiction, and it’s this dish. It started out innocently enough. I looked around for something new to pickle, and spied a big basket of fresh blueberries on the kitchen counter. As an aside, in … Continue reading

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