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Chocolate Balsamic Sauce

A versatile treat that’s great for gifting! This thick, rich sauce is ideal as a glaze for roasted meats and great as a drizzle over ice cream or sliced fruit such as strawberries or pears. You can also make amazing … Continue reading

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Gooseberry-Red Currant Gin Fizz

I’m not a big fan of overly sweet drinks. My tastes seem to run more towards the tart end of the taste spectrum and I love a cocktail that is discernably sour, though not mouth-puckeringly so. This variation on the … Continue reading

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Spring Fling Cocktail

After a long, hard and exceedingly cold winter, I am really ready to embrace the warmth and sunshine of spring. For me, the new season signals a shift in the kitchen; I look for dishes that shed a little of … Continue reading

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Apricot-Amaretto Fizz

I brought home a big basket of apricots this week and have been enjoying playing with them in all sorts of sweet and savoury ways. I love their mild, gently sweet flavour and thought they just might make a tasty … Continue reading

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Candied Walnuts

These crunchy beauties are very easy to make and are extremely versatile. I use them as a garnish for vegetable dishes and also like to sprinkle them on desserts such as maple mousse. The hard sugar coating yields to the sweet … Continue reading

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