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Innovative edible gifts for holidays and hosts

Handmade treats that are sure to please! When it comes to holiday gifts for neighbours, teachers and friends, something consumable is always appreciated. I love preparing edible gifts and it’s really fun to come up with new ideas each year … Continue reading

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Edible gifts featured on Shepherd’s Fashions Coffee Talk

Five fabulously tasty treats you can share over the holidays! Today, more than ever, consumable gifts are so stylish. When you take the time to prepare edible gifts in your own kitchen, the family and friends with whom you share … Continue reading

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Herb and garlic infused red wine vinegar

A pantry staple that makes a great gift! Ever wonder why dishes typically taste so much better in restaurants? No, it’s not just because you didn’t have to do the shopping, cooking or cleanup…it’s because pro chefs are masterful at … Continue reading

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Chocolate Balsamic Sauce

A versatile treat that’s great for gifting! This thick, rich sauce is ideal as a glaze for roasted meats and great as a drizzle over ice cream or sliced fruit such as strawberries or pears. You can also make amazing … Continue reading

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Paula Roy’s Favourite Foods – Episode 7 recipes

Great news! My fantastic crew at Rogers TV Ottawa and I filmed a couple of new episodes of Paula Roy’s Favourite Foods earlier this month and they’re ready to roll. You’ll notice something a little different if you’ve tuned in … Continue reading

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Sugar and spice holiday gifts

Vanilla is one of the most popular spices in the world, particularly for those who enjoy baking. There’s a huge difference between the flavour of artificial vanilla extract most often sold in grocery stores and the real thing, made with … Continue reading

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