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Smashed sweet potatoes

A fun new way to enjoy a colourful and nutritious vegetable! I was one of the first to jump on the smashed potato bandwagon when recipes starting popping up everywhere a few years ago. I never posted one because my … Continue reading

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Grilled baby bok choy

A summery side dish that’s full of flavour! I love the taste and texture of bok choy but also appreciate it because it’s a great source of potassium and other nutrients. While this versatile vegetable is a family favourite in … Continue reading

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Make-ahead potato and pancetta puffs

Fancy ‘tater tots’ the whole family will love! These little beauties were inspired two things: 1) my love of pierogis and 2) a big batch of leftover mashed potatoes. While their taste is evocative of pieriogi filling, they are a … Continue reading

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Grilled cauliflower on a can with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce  

A vegan-friendly dish that everyone will love! I’ve long been a fan of ‘chicken on a beer can’ but think perhaps I adore this vegan version even more! It’s easy to prepare and can serve as a delicious main course … Continue reading

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Fall for Flavour: No-cook Pear Chutney

Quick condiment a perfect pairing for roasted meat or charcuterie! I love serving chutneys with roasted meat of any kind. They can serve as a side dish or even a stuffing. They’re a great way to add a pop of … Continue reading

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Colcannon (Irish potatoes and cabbage)

Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day…or any day! Maybe it’s because my dad grew up on a potato farm in Prince Edward Island, or maybe it’s because potatoes are just so delicious, versatile and filling, but I absolutely adore these tasty … Continue reading

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Sweet and spicy crispy cauliflower nuggets

One of the most delicious vegetable dishes ever! Not being a huge fan of cheese sauce, for years I avoided cauliflower because it just seemed to look so boring on a plate. Now that cauliflower’s had a bit of a … Continue reading

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