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Warm Poutine Potato Salad

It seems like there are two camps of cooks and eaters in January, after the holiday season. There’s the “I’m only going to eat healthy things in moderation” group, as well as the “I’m not buying any more food till … Continue reading

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Braised Beef Shanks Osso Bucco Style

Beef shanks are an inexpensive cut that, cooked properly, can be incredibly flavourful and tender. Some of our area’s best beef, including the shanks I used to test this recipe, comes from Roadapple Ranch, one of the Ottawa Farmers’ Market’s … Continue reading

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Potato Nests with Tasty Toppings

These delicious potato nests have a surprisingly delicate texture. They can be used as a base for innumerable toppings, including smoked salmon or cheese curds and gravy. The nests can be made ahead of time and frozen; you can heat … Continue reading

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Pork Tenderloin with Apple Gravy

A nice twist on classic gravy, this apple gravy has a sweet-sour tang that is subtle yet very flavourful. Cutting the pork tenderloin into medallions is a great way to get more servings out of a small quantity of meat. … Continue reading

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