I have a really, really long list of foods, techniques and recipes I’d like to tackle. I’ll keep updating this list as I continue to play in my kitchen. A few of my wishlist items are:

– cheddar cheese from scratch (since ricotta and mozzarella experiments have been great!)
– multiple African cuisines – so many great flavours and ingredients to play with.
– home cured meats. I’ve done pork belly to make bacon. Now I want more.
– oodles of different styles of rice bowls – hot in vegan restos these days and they are so flavourful and filling.
– really thin crust pizza dough
– preserves of all sorts – that could be a whole wishlist by itself!
– more Korean dishes. Lots more.
– cold-smoked cheeses. Yum.
– at least one recipe that makes me say ‘I actually LIKE brussels sprouts’.
– bisteeya (Moroccan meat pie). Probably lots of other Moroccan things too.
– panna cotta – why have I never made this?
– Num Pang (Cambodian sandwiches…think ‘Banh Mi’, their Vietnamese cousin)
– secreto (thin steak cut from the belly of a pig)
– anything with kiwi berries or finger limes

Stay tuned as this list grows and items get checked off.

5 Responses to Wishlist

  1. shawnmac says:

    I will be happy to be a taste tester in any cold-smoked cheeses experiment!

  2. When you find that Brussels Sprouts recipe, send it my way please! I want to love them, I really do! I also have no idea why I have never made panna cotta.

  3. Natasha says:

    I’ve lost your recipe for spicy chocolate cookies…please help! 🙂

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