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Quick pickled cucumbers and red onions with dill flowers

A fast way to add flavour to any meal! I love making quick pickles just a jar or two at a time as I find it’s just such an easy way to capture the flavours of fresh produce at any … Continue reading

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Zesty pickled melon

A fun new way to enjoy a favourite fruit! I’ve often said that I’ll pickle just about anything that isn’t nailed down (kumquats, cauliflower, strawberries  and blueberries are just a few of my new favourites – you’ll find lots more … Continue reading

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Quick Pickled Strawberries

A clever and versatile use for a favourite fruit Honestly, I think the song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” should have been written about strawberry season. The sight of those first boxes of local strawberries at the … Continue reading

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Foraged food: Quick pickled Japanese knotweed

Sweet and savoury pickles easy to make and versatile! One of the things I would love to learn more about is safely foraging for food. There are so many wild edibles out there, if only one knows where to look. … Continue reading

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Quick pickled avocado slices

Easy preserving method yields a very tasty treat! I adore pickles and find they are the easiest way to add a punch of colour and flavour to any meal. The great news about pickling is it doesn’t have to be … Continue reading

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Quick pickled fennel with orange and star anise

An easy way to add a pop of flavour to any plate! Lately, I’ve been eagerly peeking into my garden a few times a day, looking for tender young shoots that hold the promise of fresh spring vegetables to come. … Continue reading

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Quick Pickled Turnips, Lebanese-style

A terrific taste sensation from the Middle East Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always considered pickles to be a food group, which is why there are quite a few pickle recipes on this blog. I love … Continue reading

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