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Make-ahead breakfast enchiladas

A hearty way to start the day! Enchiladas are such a popular meal at our house that I recently decided to create a breakfast version. My timing was perfect as we had a houseful of overnight guests and I wanted … Continue reading

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Delicious dairy-free cinnamon buns

Olive oil + a great make-ahead method for an easy, healthy treat! I love to bake and serve lightly sweetened treats for breakfasts, brunches or mid-morning coffee parties but lately it seems more and more of my guests are requesting … Continue reading

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Blueberry Cardamom Popovers

A fantastically delicious and easy breakfast treat! Who says popovers (also known as Yorkshire Pudding) should only be eaten as part of a traditional roast beef dinner? These lightly sweetened, fruit-filled beauties taste very similar to crepes and are the … Continue reading

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Homemade back bacon

A truly Canadian breakfast or brunch treat! I remember the first time I tasted back bacon as a kid. I loved that it was so much less salty than ‘regular’ bacon though I couldn’t understand why it was also known … Continue reading

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Peach Tarts with Ricotta and Arugula

Freeform pastry makes for an easy, impressive brunch or lunch dish As I kid, I ate a lot of canned peaches, especially during the bleak winter months when fresh fruit options were sparse and expensive. Today, we are fortunate to … Continue reading

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Simple Puff Pastry Stuffed Waffles

A Mostly Make-Ahead Breakfast Treat My family loves waffles smothered in maple syrup and fresh fruit, but sometimes I can’t resist the urge to switch things up a little. These Nutella and cream cheese stuffed waffles are deceptively simple to … Continue reading

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Build a better breakfast with twice-cooked oatmeal squares

Turn your boring breakfast bowl into a delicious, nutritious treat All fall and winter, I like to serve up piping hot bowls of oatmeal porridge several mornings a week. Not only are oats super nutritious, they’re also incredibly satisfying; your … Continue reading

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