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Chai-spiced Dutch Baby pancake

A tasty treat for breakfast or brunch! Similar in texture to popovers or Yorkshire pudding, Dutch babies are a great alternative to traditional pancakes. The batter puffs up beautifully while baking, giving the Dutch baby a delicate texture to match … Continue reading

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Protein-packed blueberry and banana muffins

A satisfying nutritional boost for breakfasts or snacktime! I am not sure what my family would do if I stopped making muffins. There are always a few different varieties in our freezer and they seem to be a staple breakfast … Continue reading

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Mini pizza quiches

A tasty mashup of two favourite classics! If given a choice, the menfolk in my family would likely always choose pizza over quiche, while the ladies would most certainly vote the opposite way. To solve this tie vote, I decided … Continue reading

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Breakfast tortilla cups

A tasty way to get kids busy in the kitchen! Don’t you just love those simple recipes that taste absolutely amazing? This nutritious, family-friendly breakfast or brunch option would be fun to offer as an interactive cooking station to get … Continue reading

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Whole wheat gingerbread waffles

A healthy, hearty breakfast or lunch option! My family adores waffles for either breakfast or lunch and I love making them because they are so quick and easy, especially if you pre-measure the dry ingredients the night before. These buckwheat … Continue reading

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Make-ahead breakfast enchiladas

A hearty way to start the day! Enchiladas are such a popular meal at our house that I recently decided to create a breakfast version. My timing was perfect as we had a houseful of overnight guests and I wanted … Continue reading

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Delicious dairy-free cinnamon buns

Olive oil + a great make-ahead method for an easy, healthy treat! I love to bake and serve lightly sweetened treats for breakfasts, brunches or mid-morning coffee parties but lately it seems more and more of my guests are requesting … Continue reading

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