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Apple cheddar biscuits

A fast, guilt-free way to enjoy the taste of pie for breakfast! I learned about the glorious delights of leftover pie for breakfast at a very young age. It was well worth waking up extra early so I could sneak … Continue reading

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Sweet Irish soda bread

Plain or toasted it’s a perfect breakfast treat! This delicious, dense breakfast bread also goes by the amusing name of Spotted Dog, thanks to the raisins. Traditional Irish soda breads typically were made with fewer ingredients, out of necessity, but … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned cherry nut loaf

A retro treat for today’s tea parties (or….breakfast)! When I was a kid, my mom seemed to make this loaf primarily at Christmastime so I associate it with all sorts of happy, festive feelings. I recall she often used a … Continue reading

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Chai-spiced Dutch Baby pancake

A tasty treat for breakfast or brunch! Similar in texture to popovers or Yorkshire pudding, Dutch babies are a great alternative to traditional pancakes. The batter puffs up beautifully while baking, giving the Dutch baby a delicate texture to match … Continue reading

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Protein-packed blueberry and banana muffins

A satisfying nutritional boost for breakfasts or snacktime! I am not sure what my family would do if I stopped making muffins. There are always a few different varieties in our freezer and they seem to be a staple breakfast … Continue reading

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Mini pizza quiches

A tasty mashup of two favourite classics! If given a choice, the menfolk in my family would likely always choose pizza over quiche, while the ladies would most certainly vote the opposite way. To solve this tie vote, I decided … Continue reading

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Breakfast tortilla cups

A tasty way to get kids busy in the kitchen! Don’t you just love those simple recipes that taste absolutely amazing? This nutritious, family-friendly breakfast or brunch option would be fun to offer as an interactive cooking station to get … Continue reading

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