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Edible Science: tiny juice balloons

A tasty molecular gastronomy kitchen experiment! This is a fun project that kids really enjoy. The littlest ones can watch and then play with and eat the results, while older children and teens can probably do it all by themselves. … Continue reading

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Cauliflower recipe roundup

Six delicious ways to cook up this nutritional powerhouse! Much like squash and cabbage, many cauliflowers are grown to a substantial size, making them ideal for several meals and therefore economical (at least at the reasonable prices are seeing in … Continue reading

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Microwave mug muffin

A fun treat kids can make all by themselves! Remember the mug cake craze from a few years ago? Coming up with new flavour combinations was a favourite after-school pastime for my kids; their creations were inventive and usually loaded … Continue reading

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Chickpea recipe roundup

Ways to enjoy this terrific source of protein and nutrients! Whether you call them pulses, legumes or garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a rich source of  vitamins, minerals and fibre. They also are known for improving digestion, assisting with weight management … Continue reading

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Easy homemade granola

A delicious and nutritious meal the whole family will love! I will be the first to admit that I have bought more than my share of artisanal granola over the years. I love it and can’t resist trying out new … Continue reading

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Squash recipe roundup

Five great ways to enjoy a flavourful,  nutritious vegetable! We cook with squash a lot over here in the Constantly Cooking kitchen. It’s economical and sometime the butternut squashes in particular are so huge they can be used to make … Continue reading

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Zucchini recipe roundup

Fresh new ways to prepare this nutritious vegetable! Zucchini’s a bit of an odd one. It’s got a terrific colour on the outside, but it’s pale on the inside. It’s got some crunch when eaten raw, but can turn to … Continue reading

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