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Paula Roy’s Favourite Foods – episode 12 recipes

The best of the west: more than just beef and salmon! If someone asked what tasty ingredients come from Western Canada, you might instantly think of beef, wheat and salmon, but there are many more delicious food finds that hail … Continue reading

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Grilled Mexican-Style Corn (Elotes Mexicanos)

The best way to enjoy farm-fresh corn! I’m prepared to take some heat for this admission. Many of you will be shocked to learn that I had never tasted the marvelous street food that is Mexican grilled corn on the … Continue reading

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Tasty tips for getting back into lunchtime routines

Packing lunches doesn’t have to be a pain! September brings a return to routine that is welcomed by many, but one aspect of routines that people don’t love is packing lunches. The key to keeping the process more interesting and … Continue reading

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Quick Thai-style shrimp or chicken curry

A fast and easy meal that’s packed with flavour! I’ll never forget the first time I tasted a curry dish when in my teens. I took a big bite, impressed with the initial sensation of flavour. Within about ten seconds … Continue reading

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Paula Roy’s Favourite Foods – Episode 11 recipes

Saluting the farmers and food producers of central Canada! This new batch of episodes of my TV show was really fun to prepare. As a proud Canadian, it is exciting to have the opportunity to showcase ingredients and dishes that … Continue reading

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Perfectly Peachy

Juicy ideas for a favourite fruit! Isn’t peach season just fantastic? I adore peaches and while it’s hard to beat the simple delights of eating one out of hand, letting the juice run down your arm, there are lots of … Continue reading

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White Russian Milkshake

Decadent drink and dessert all in one! I still remember the first time I tasted a White Russian cocktail. A fellow server at the bar where I worked during University ordered one when she was off-shift and encouraged me (normally … Continue reading

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