Teatro Café – a sneak peek

The Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) in Ottawa’s Wellington West neighbourhood is a beautiful building. Filled with light and life, it’s home to some of our city’s finest theatre performances as well as being a sought-after venue for weddings and other celebrations. Now, the GCTC is hoping their new culinary partner, opening June 3, will bring added traffic to the building.

Teatro's Twisted Caesar features tequila, cilantro and a house-made celery salt rimmer.

Teatro’s Twisted Caesar features tequila, cilantro and a house-made celery salt rimmer.

At a preview event on June 2, guests were treated to plentiful nibbles that were intended to reflect and showcase the Mediterranean and Spanish influences that have shaped the small plates menu, designed by Chef Mook Sutton.

The pineapple-crab kimchi was a delicious taste at Teatro's preview event.

The pineapple-crab kimchi was a delicious taste at Teatro’s preview event.

The name is apt – Teatro is Spanish for theatre – and it speaks to the global inspiration behind the dishes, many of which feature fresh, sustainable, and whenever possible, local ingredients. Among the tasty nibbles on offer at the preview event were bison and fig skewers, an inventive take on salad in the form of kale on a stick, crab and pineapple kimchi on cucumber slices, a twisted Caesar cocktail featuring cilantro, tequila and house-made rimmer, and cranberry focaccia topped with marinated peach slices wrapped in duck prosciutto.

Perfectly seasoned shrimp were a hit at the pre-opening party.

Perfectly seasoned shrimp were a hit at the pre-opening party.

Servers told me that the 60 seat venue will only be open for dinner, 7 days a week, although the restaurant’s yet-to-be-completed website invites patrons to “start your day with our fresh baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Grab our homemade soups, salads and fresh sandwiches for a great lunch. And join us for a four course brunch on weekends.”

Teatro's kale on a stick was an inventive and tasty dish.

Teatro’s kale on a stick was an inventive and tasty dish.

Whatever their opening hours prove to be, I wish them well as they seek to add an extra sparkle to the GCTC building (and not just on performance nights).

To find out more about Teatro Café, visit them at 1233 Wellington Street West or check them out at http://www.teatrocafe.ca or @teatro_ottawa. 


About Paula Roy

Welcome to my kitchen! I play with words and with food. I love simple dishes prepared with passion and am always seeking to find new methods to make food as fun and flavourful as possible. I'm also an enthusiastic explorer of faraway lands and cuisines.
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4 Responses to Teatro Café – a sneak peek

  1. Anonymous says:

    Link is actually http://teatrocafe.ca/

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, wonder how they are preparing the food as it seems that there is no room for a kitchen. The past restaurants served easy to prepare foods that could be made behind the bar area. Do they now have a full kitchen?

    • Paula Roy says:

      Here is the answer I received from Teatro’s owner, Ziggy Margies:

      We renovated the kitchen space upon leasing the space. These renovations included the addition of a unique ventless hood, induction cook tops as well as a combi oven. At that time we also added more refrigeration, replaced the old ice machine and added a 122 bottle wine fridge.
      So to answer your question, all food is prepared in house, nothing is out of a bag, container or can. Our chef Mook Sutton oversees the perpetration of all our menu items. Mook is from New Zealand and has spent the last two years in the Cayman Islands, he has only been in canada for the past few months.

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