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Easy oven-baked pork ribs

Braised meats are ideal for a chilly winter’s eve. I love this super simple rib recipe not only for its excellent flavour but also because it doesn’t ask you to pre-cook the ribs or finish them on the grill to … Continue reading

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Spicy Shrimp

This has been one of my go-to appetizers for years, and is also one of my recipes that I am most often asked to share. I would rate the spice level using the quantities of seasonings here as medium-hot; you … Continue reading

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Wonton Crisps and Two-toned Pesto Dip

These baked wonton crisps make sturdy dippers for all sorts of occasions. Because they have a neutral flavour and are not salty, it’s the dip that shines; I also really like that they’re baked with just a light brushing of … Continue reading

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Potato Nests with Tasty Toppings

These delicious potato nests have a surprisingly delicate texture. They can be used as a base for innumerable toppings, including smoked salmon or cheese curds and gravy. The nests can be made ahead of time and frozen; you can heat … Continue reading

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Speedy Bread

There’s nothing better than the smell of freshly-baked yeast bread first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, unless you are an early riser (pun intended), it’s usually pretty difficult to have a loaf baked, cooled and ready for slicing by the … Continue reading

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Braised Pork Cheeks with Celery Root Puree

When I served this dish to about 200 eager feasters at the recent Taboo Eats “My Neighbourhood Bites” competition, I called it “Cheeky Pig in a Puddle”. Pork cheeks are very popular in Europe but less well-known in North America. … Continue reading

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Lemony Chicken and Vegetables with Pasta

This hearty pasta and chicken dish has a bright, fresh flavour thanks to the veggies and lemon juice. One of my favourite meals about twenty years ago, I think it may have initially been inspired by one of the Milk … Continue reading

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